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Hello everyone! Today I will be your tour guide arnd Tokyo! :) Bear with me.. Here’s our schedule for today!

Day 3:

-Tsukiji Fish Market
-Tokyo Imperial Palace
-Yamashita Park
-Yokohama-Ramen Museum
-China Town

So, let’s get started! If I made any mistake, do not feel free to leave! I’m not letting u go till u finish this tour! 😛 Yes, I’m selfish like that! SO STAY PUT! ♥

First stop: Tsukiji Fish Market

This market is one of the biggest wholesale fish & seafood market in the world!! U know how markets in M’sia stinks and is all wet & dirty? Well… The fish market over there does not smell FISHY (pun intended) & wasn’t wet nor dirty.. Can u seriously believe it? When I was walking arnd, I was so surprised at how the people there were so sweet & polite. Even though they knew that u couldn’t understand them, they still tried their best to explain things to you in the best way they can. Sometimes it’s like they’re playing charades with me. 😀 At times I figured it out. I felt so paiseh to ask questions as they were so nice that I didn’t want to trouble them. :’) And what’s even more surprising? It’s a market but the noise level was so controlled. Nobody was screaming or haggling prices loudly.. Ah.. Japan. Why art thou so perfect?

So here’s a pic of the menu. This is our first food stop.. Everything there was RAW! (SASHIMI) Yums! It was about RM30-RM65 a bowl depending on what you order.. Hurry order your meal! It’s breakfast! 😀

 This is what we ordered. We had raw tuna, ebi (prawn), uni (sea urchin), tuna, fattest tuna, egg roe and sushi rice served with ginger to clean your palate.  I loved everything except the ebi. I almost died eating that. I bit a li’l of the prawn and I immediately grabbed my HOT green tea & gulped it down. Needless to say, I burnt my tongue & throat but saved myself from puking that disgusting thing out. EWW! Worst eating experience ever. *Note to self: Never ever eat a raw prawn ever again!* Either way, I still really enjoyed the food. Shared it with my dad & his wife! :)

 This is our next bowl. (I was unsatisfied because I had too little Uni!) 😛 It was so good! So creamy and fresh. It went so well with the sushi rice! I ate it without adding any soy sauce whatsoever.. I ate it RAW! ♥ I can be an eskimo! :3 And those fish roe… OMG IT IS HEAVENLY! When u put it in ur mouth, it pops when u bite on it.. ♥ Eat it with the rice and uni & u’re already halfway to heaven.


Another pic of my first bowl of food. Sorry.. Bad image quality and lighting. :(

We ordered another plate of raw tuna! :) Yea ok. This meal was pretty expensive. Haha.. I know many of you will hate this and go like eww wthell.. BUT.. I LOVED IT! 😛

I don’t look the most attractive but I was happy with my yummy bowl of food! :3

Okay, so after my meal, we are going to go jalan-jalan (walk-walk *direct translation*) arnd the market! 😀 So whilst walking, I suddenly saw THIS! Look below! U KNOW WHAT THAT IS?! *faints* The white part is the fats.. IT IS WHALE MEAT! OHWTHELL!

These are thinner slices of WHALE MEAT! I still can’t get over it. I touched it too. OMG! -_- I feel so jakun but hello.. How often do u see things like this?! WHALE! -______- (whale face)

Anyway.. On a happier note.. Here’s some Mentaiko. :) If u don’t know what mentaiko is, it is the marinated roe of pollock! If u know who Cheeserland is & yet u don’t know what s Mentaiko, go fly kite k..? This is her fave food in the whole wide world! If u google “What is mentaiko?” u will find her blog post in ur search results! ♥
They gave me free mentaiko to try! :3 SO GOOD! If u mix it with rice, it’s so yummy! When I read Cheeserland’s post  on Mentaiko, I watched her video. People normally eat Mentaiko with rice! It’s known as a rice topping… Or.. There was an option for Natto as rice topping. omg. If u ate Natto for the first time, I think u might die. It’s sticky fermented soy beans. The first time I ate it was in my hotel’s breakfast buffet spread. Although it is super good for health, but…… I felt like I was eating rotten garbage. *dies at the memory of it* Ok. Enough for mentaiko rant.

Here’s a view of the fish market! 😀

Here’s a happy auntie cutting salmon. 😀 She was laughing cause I took a pic of her.. Haha! She’s super cute!

Okay… End of our Tsukiji Fish Market tour! :)

Our second stop: Tokyo Imperial Palace

There’s nothing much you need to know. Here’s the palace, take pics & let’s go! 😛 U can’t go in or take pics with the king or find yourself a prince or princess. So calm down..

Here’s the pic I posted on my IG! 😛 Bad quality..

Here’s a closer view of the palace! Okay! Let’s go to our next stop! ♥

 Let’s go to Yamashita Park! It’s very pretty there..

Here’s a few buildings near the park.. If I worked there, I’d go to the park and eat my lunch there almost everyday. So lovely!

Here’s me with a very big tree & a bench! Yea.. I was trying to follow the kawaii style when I dressed up! Think I got it right? I wanna be kawaii too! If only Malaysia was like that! I’d dress up kawaii like EVERY DAY! ♥
Next up: Yokohama, Ramen Museum

This is a very cool concept museum. When u go in, everything there is vintage. It’s like it was in the olden days.. It’s a definite must-visit place!

Here’s what I saw in front of the museum entrance. So pretty! WATERFALL! ♥

Now we’ve entered the museum!

Here’s a vintage coke vending machine! 😀

And here’s me looking HIGH like I just smoked WEED! -______- Took off my jacket! If u read my previous post, u’d notice that this is the top I got for a really good price form H&M! PINK!

Now what u’re looking at below is the view of what it looks like in the museum. So vintage isn’t it?! ♥ Lovely place! All those below are actually restaurants. They’re also having a mini “magic” show I think! 😀 

Here’s a pic of Chloe & I! 😀

There’s a vintage candy store in the museum! OMG! Do u recognize some of those candies? I used to eat some of them when I was really young! And that uncle selling candy reminds me of someone u normally see in a comic book. His nose is super red like Rudolph the red nose reindeer! 😀 It’s not a bad thing. I thought it was so cute! HAHA

More of the museum! :)

Oooh! Red door! 😉 For the 50 Shades of Grey fans… U know what I mean? Red room of pain? *ehem* Sorry..

Here’s a vintage phone. 😛 Thought it was really nice.

Astro Boy! ♥

Okay so I saw this is the souvenir shop! How cool is this?! Something for the boys!

Okay! Let’s head to CHINATOWN now!

Here’s the entrance everyone! All Malaysians.. I know, I know.. This looks like Petaling Street. Haha.. This is Chinatown anyway.  It can’t look thaaat different.

Okay.. So here’s me in Chinatown! 😀 Things there were overpriced and exp. Why in the world would I get anything that expensive when it’s made in CHINA?! -__- I know better. 

I know u guys might think that it’s the end of the tour, but we will be going to 2 extra places today since the day is still young! Our 6th stop, Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse!

So for those of you who’s wondering, why in the world would we visit a red brick warehouse… Here’s why: Wikipedia states that, “It is a historical building that is used as a complex that includes a shopping mall, banquet hall, and event venues. The complex, officially known as the Newport Pier Tax Keeping Warehouse (新港埠頭保税倉庫 Shinkō Futō Hozei Sōko?), was originally used as customs buildings, and has two sections: Warehouse No.1 and No.2.” OMG! I just did Harvard referencing! LOL Thanks to my SAM course, I know how to Harvard reference! Smart right? 😛 I know right now I am syok sendiri-ing, just let me k? K. Tq.

Anyway, here’s what it look like.. I wish I had a wide angle lens. D;

Cute tour bus! :)

I like this shot. :3 It’s opposite the Red Brick Warehouse! 

One more last stop and all of you can head back for dinner! ♥ Our last stop is Port of Yokohama!
Look at the beautiful ship! :O Wah…

Here’s a selfie of me at the harbor! 😀 I know u can’t see anything okay.. -_- But u can see those metal chains right? So it shows I was at the harbor. Just say okay…

Around the port.. 😀 There’s a sundial! Oh my.. It’s my first time seeing one! Yes, I know U think I’m very jakun. Shush.. Pics below are in the Yamashita Park. It’s by the port!

See this statues? These are statues of the Girl Scouts! This is a symbol of Japan-U.S. Friendship.

Alright.. Last but not least, here’s a pic of me enjoying free raspberry fondue! 😀 They were giving them out for free in a restaurant near the port. Hehe.. TATA everyone! Rmbr to drop by for your next tour soon!

P.S.- I did not watermark my photos but it doesn’t give you the right to steal. If you do take my photos without permission, I will take legal actions against you. Do take note that all pictures I post in this post are of my own.

As promised, here’s a link to my public album on FB! 

Apologies for any bad pictures in advanced.

♥ N. Allisson ♥

Take care everyone! Hope u enjoyed ur tour today!